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About Shankar Maharaj

-------Shree Sadguru Shankar Maharaj’s childhood activities were outstanding,like swimming in deep water, playing with tigers in the forest, catching live snakes and bringing them home, producing sweets from His fist and giving it to small children, playing with birds and making them sit on His shoulders, visiting festivals and getting engrossed in hymns, telling people their future which by due course of time turned to be true, etc.,. After Maharaj left His house He visited Kedarnath and showed His prowess to the people by having bath in the river Mandakini, which was freezing below 0°C.

-------Shree Shankar Maharaj was a Nathpanthi (i.e. follower of Navnath tradition). He visited the religious place of Machindranath’s Madhi. Maharaj gave a loud shout of ‘Aalakh’ and enlighten the Dhuni (i.e. fire place) of Machindranath. This Dhuni was extinguished thousands of years ago. The construction work of one of the factory in Mali Nagar in Pune district was not getting completed. Maharaj visited the factory and removed the stone Padukas of Saint Gahininath from the factory premises and ordered to construct a temple inside the factory. And after that the construction work of the factory was completed. During Maharaj’s stay in Nasik , some of His devotees planned to visit Saint Gahininath’s Samadhi. Maharaj restricted them from going and said that Saint Gahininath would be coming at 10’O clock in the night. But His devotees insisted and visited the Samadhi of Saint Gahininath. The same night, at 10’O clock Saint Gahininath entered Maharaj’s room with a loud call of ‘Alakh’. All the devotees were frightened at the sight Saint Gahininath. They were talking for the whole night. Again the next morning Saint Gahininath walked out with a loud shout of ‘Alakh’. Everybody was deeply hurt and asked for forgiveness to Maharaj.

-------Once Shree Shankar Maharaj accompanied with His devotees was on way of Pathardi. Maharaj took a halt for a while in the forest. His face became serious and His big eyes started rotating. He gave a rap on the ground and gave a shout of ‘Alakh’ and ordered His pupils to dig. Everyone was astonished to discover a ‘Shivalinga’ of Vrudhdeshwar. This ‘Shivalinga’ of Vrudhdeshwar increases in size every year. Once Maharaj was deeply engrossed in hymns in the temple of ‘Vrudhdeshwar’ accompanied with His devotees Dr.Ghaneshwar, Advocate Shotri, Dada Kukade, Dada Karkhanis, Bhausaheb Ghaneshwar, Kukade Kaka, etc. He at once got up and went out. After some time a huge tiger entered the temple, walked around the ‘Shivalinga’ and went away in the darkness. All were frightened and hunted for Maharaj and told Him the incident. Maharaj had a hearty laugh and said, “How can I eat you?”

-------Shree Shankar Maharaj was not able to walk properly but once He climbed ‘Gurushikhar’ on Girnar Mountain in half an hour. He gave a loud call of ‘Alakh’ and ordered all the sages to wake up who were fast asleep in the mountain. Maharaj stayed in the company of Lions for eight days. On the last day of the stay Maharaj invited all the sages for a meal and cooked balls of wheat flour and vegetable of His choice. Each sage ate around 70-75 balls. All the sages were satisfied with the meal offered by Maharaj. Everyone was astonished on Maharaj’s prowess.

-------Shree Shankar Maharaj always made His devotees reach the stage of contemplation and gave them divine visions of various Gods in His place. Maharaj gave the divine glimpse of God Vishnu to Governor Sir Chunnilal Mehta. Maharaj gave the divine glimpse of Goddess Bhavani Mata to His devotees at Tuljapur. Once in the festival of ‘Shreeram Navami’ at Bhor, Maharaj gave the divine glimpse of God Rama to His devotees. Maharaj also gave the vision of His huge form to one of the sage in Shubhrai Math at Solapur. Maharaj once asked a small girl named Manorama Ranade to give Him a bath. She was very happy to fulfill Maharaj’s wish. Everybody was astonished to see the vision of God Balkrishna in place of Maharaj while taking a bath from the girl. Maharaj gave divine glimpses of God Shiva, God Rama, God Vitthal, God Hanuman, etc. to His devotees. Shree Shankar Maharaj blessed the last Governor of India, Lord Mountbatten and also gave him divine glimpse of Lord Jesus Christ. This incident in mentioned in his autobiography, ‘Last Days in India’.

-------Once Maharaj ordered Dr.Hari Trambak Khare to bring 15 shers (i.e. unit used to count food grains in olden days) of rice and asked him to cook it and keep it in a room. Maharaj locked himself inside the room and worshipped Goddess Annapurna. He then asked Dr. Khare to distribute the food to the people in the festival. Maharaj was very happy with Dr.Khare so He blessed him by keeping His hand on his head and gave him the divine vision of God Dattatray in this state of contemplation. Maharaj gave the divine glimpse of His huge form to Mr.Gosavi of Sangli. Once Shree Swami Samarth ordered His devotee in dream who was a photographer to visit Audumbar and click His photograph. But he was astonished to find Shree Shankar Maharaj. Maharaj gave him divine glimpse of Shree Swami Samarth and ordered him to click His photograph.

-------In Appa Balwant Chowk in Pune is the palace of Sardar Mehendale . Mehendale had a great history of their valor in the war of Panipath. Their heir Barrister Raosaheb Mehendale was a devotee of Shree Shankar Maharaj. Maharaj blessed the barren historical palace and tunes of recitation of ‘Dnyaneshwari’ were heard from Mehendale’s palace for 32 years. Maharaj made recitations of ‘Dasbodh’ at various villages. After the Samadhi of the Shree Balkrishna Maharaj Suratkar (founder of Shree Swami Samarth Math at Dadar), Shree Shankar Maharaj visited the Math. Maharaj comforted Shree Kamala Mata (wife of Shree Balkrishna Maharaj). He kept His hand on her head and showed her Shree Balkrishna Maharaj sitting on the left lap of Shree Swami Samarth’s portrait in the Math. Maharaj once took a bath with boiling water to remove the conceit of a hypocritical sage from Hyderabad . He also gave life to a dead man from Nagar and ordered him to lead a life on spiritual path. Maharaj also trashed an eve teaser with a hunter. Maharaj changed the living style of the dacoits and transformed them to wise men. He swallowed approximately 1Kg of Ganja (i.e. dried hemp leaves), to teach a lesson and win a bet of Rs.100 with a hypocritical sage at Trambakeshwar. He also gave two eggs wrapped in a paper as a divine gift to a Brahmin man from Trambakeshwar to teach him a lesson, which later changed to two ripened mangoes. Maharaj scared a butcher from Kolkatta by scattering His body with the help of ‘Khand Yoga’ and ordered him to close his slaughter house. The wall at Saint Shubhrai Math’s was not getting constructed. Maharaj sensed the reason and discovered the idols of God Hanuman and God Nagnath Narsimha. Maharaj discovered the cave of Saint Shreepad Vallabh at Kuravpur. Maharaj gave Mr. Janardhan Buva divine vision of Saint Shreepad Vallabh.

-------Shree Shankar Maharaj once visited Gangapur temple to view the 'Datta Padukas'. But all the Brahmin priests restricted Him from entering the temple. Maharaj walked away and sat on the 'Rudra Ghat' on the banks of the river Bhima. The ‘Datta Padukas’ were given ‘Abhishek’ in the temple, but when the priests offered water, milk and flowers on the Padukas, they vanished. Then a priest came shouting that all the 'Abhishek' water, milk and flowers which had disappeared are on the feet of a man sitting on the Rudra Ghat. They were astonished to see Maharaj sitting at Rudra Ghat. Soon they realized that Maharaj was none other than God Dattatray. Realizing their mistake, they fell on Maharaj’s feet and apologized and took Him to the temple with great care and respect.

-------Maharaj saved Mr.Ganesh Mahadev Abhyankar’s life from the bullets at the battlefield. He took the pain and wound marks on His legs. Maharaj took the pain and operation marks of Mr.Vasudeo Bambordekar on His stomach. One of the devotees of Maharaj by the name Dr. Bhoye of Pune had gone on ‘Amarnath Yatra’ (i.e. a religious tour to Amarnath). On his journey he slipped with the horse in deep valley. On the very moment Maharaj appeared and lifted both Dr.Bhoye with the horse and saved their lives and disappeared. These incidents prove that Maharaj is always present between His devotees mentally and physically.

-------The British Government had filed a case of being a hypocritical ascetic against Shree Upasani Maharaj of Sakori. At that time Maharaj ordered Advocate Shotri who was a civil advocate to fight this criminal case. Advocate Shotri won the criminal case and freed Shree Upasani Maharaj. He was awarded the title of ‘Bar-at-law’ by the British Government for his outstanding performance in the court. Maharaj took Advocate Shotri to hill of ‘Bhasma’ at Gangapur and gifted him stone ‘Padukas’ (i.e. divine slippers) of God Dattatray.

-------Mr.Kanhere Guruji met Shree Shankar Maharaj in Shree Swami Samarth Math at Sadashiv Peth. Mr.Kanhere was busy in singing hymns in the Math. At that time Maharaj came and started beating the kettle drum and started disturbing Mr. Kanhere. He got angry on Maharaj and felt Him a mad person. So he walked away from the Math. But Maharaj followed him and started pushing him. On this Mr. Kanhere got angry and started beating Maharaj. Seeing this scene a wrestler came forward and stopped the quarrel. But Maharaj gave the wrestler a blow and obstructed him from interfering. Mr.Kanhere quietly walked away from there and again came back to the Math and started singing hymns. Maharaj also came behind him and climbed on his neck. But Mr. Kanhere forcefully pushed Maharaj and He got hurt on His head. Maharaj was bleeding profusely. But He just applied lime and the wound stopped bleeding. Mr.Kanhere furiously inquired, “Why are you after me?” On that Maharaj replied, “You are singing the hymns in an improper manner. And that old man (Shree Swami Samarth) was telling me to stop you. Now come I will teach you how to sing hymns”. Saying this Maharaj started singing the hymns. Hearing the hymns people started gathering in the Math and bowed on Maharaj’s feet. Mr. Kanhere got confused on this scene and was amazed to know that the man who was harassing him was none other than Shree Shankar Maharaj. He bowed on Maharaj’s feet and asked for apology. Maharj tought Mr. Kanhere all the hidden skills of music and he became an expert in singing and playing tabla (i.e. a musical instrument).

-------Shree Shankar Maharaj had invited Mr. Kanhere Guruji for dinner at 7.30 p.m. a day before His Samadhi. But Mr. Kanhere went for playing tabla in hymns and went to Maharaj at 10.00 p.m. Maharaj was waiting for him and said, “Only for twenty rupees you have missed a golden chance of a lifetime”. Mr.Kanhere washed his hands and sat for dinner and did not utter a word. A beautiful young lady wearing a saree and lots of jewels came forward and served the food and walked inside the room. Mr. Kanhere was staring surprisingly to the lady. But Maharaj shouted and asked him to eat food. Hearing this he was felt very guilty and did not looked up till he finished his food. Then he walked inside the room to wash his hands and was amazed to find the lady missing and found six to seven plates lying on the floor. He inquired Maharaj about the plates and the lady. Maharaj replied, “I am going to leave this World tomorrow. So I cooked all the food myself and had invited Shree Swami Samarth, Shree Saibaba, Shree Gajanan Maharaj and Shree Satam Maharaj for dinner. And I wished you to experience this golden chance, so I had called you. And the lady who went inside and disappeared was none other than Goddess Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur. I had requested her to wait to serve you food. You are really very lucky. You should not come here tomorrow as I am going from this mortal World. You would not be able to tolerate the grief”. Mr. Kanhere obeyed Maharaj’s order and became a great spiritual person. Mr.Kanhere Guruji experiences the love and care of Shree Shankar Maharaj even after the Samadhi and strongly believes the presence of Maharaj around him.

-------Jagatguru J. Krishnamurthy had visited Pune to give a lecture on spiritual knowledge to the people. On his return to Pune Railway Station Shree Shankar Maharaj came to meet him. Both of them had a hearty talk. Before leaving Maharaj put a garland of ‘Tulsi’ (i.e. basil) around Jagatguru J. Krishnamurthy’s neck and greeted him by giving a hug with love. In the same way Maharaj had met Avtaar Shree Meherbaba. Dnyayaratna Maharshi Dhundishastri Vinod of Alibaug met Maharaj in Mehendale’s bunglow at Pune. Maharshi Vinod had written a great spiritual book ‘Dhawalgiri’ in Marathi language. This book was later translated by Mrs.Joyce Bellakowich in English by the name ‘Towards the centre’. Learned men like Shree Govindswami Upalekar of Phaltan and Shree Mali Maharaj met Maharaj got His blessings.

-------The master of literature in India , Mr.Pralhad Keshav Athre (Acharya Athre) published an article in ‘Maratha’ newspaper on Mr.G. K. Pradhan on 10 th November 1963 and disclosed his deep devotion on Shree Shankar Maharaj. Acharya Athre got the divine vision of Maharaj in his dreams many times. He regularly visited Maharaj’s Samadhi temple at Dhankavdi. He always carried Maharaj’s photograph in his pocket and worshipped Him.

-------Mr.Narayan Rajhans and his play company artists had once organized a play in Gangapur. They missed their train. They were starving for food on the railway station. Shree Shankar Maharaj arrived there and gave them Puri Bhaji and disappeared. The next morning He stood in front of Mr. Narayan Rajhans and asked for the money. Mr.Narayan Rajhans tried to give Him money, but He refused it and said, “From now onwards start singing hymns of God every Thursday. My blessings are always with you. Narayan you will become the Gandharva (i.e. the celestial singer) of this earth”. Mr. Narayan Rajhans obeyed accordingly and became the famous ‘Bal Gandharva’. He sung hymns in Raosaheb Mehendale’s mansion in Pune for 32 years. Maharaj for playfully pulled curtains in Bal Gandharva’s plays. Once in a play He scattered all the organs of His body on the stage by His great knowledge of ‘Khand Yoga’. All the artists got frightened and ran away. After sometime He again placed all the organs back to its place. Once in the scene of sword fighting in the play Maharaj accidentally hit the artists on the neck with the sword and the artist died. So Maharaj held his neck and gave rebirth to the dead artist.

-------Freedom fighter Mr.Ramchandra Bhosale was an active member of ‘Patri Sarkar’ (It was a name of a group of revolutionaries). He killed three British officers during the freedom struggle. To avoid the police chase he rushed in the jungle near Nashik. An old Brahmin man gave him shelter in a hut. Though the police searched the whole hut, they could not find Mr. Bhosale. He learned that the old man in the hut was an ascetic, so he bowed on His feet and ran away. After few years, while his visit to Acharya Athre’s house, He saw the photograph of the ascetic from the hut. He was happy to know that the ascetic who saved him from the police was none other than Shree Shankar Maharaj.

-------In the year 1942, Mr.Gopalrao Khanderao Pradhan worked as a secretary to the managing director of Saswad Mali Sugar Factory at Akluj. Once Shree Shankar Maharaj accompanied with His devotees stayed in a room adjacent to Mr. Pradhan in the village. He criticized Maharaj thinking him a hypocrite as he hated hypocritical saints and blind faith. Mr. Pradhan left the room by the mess cause in the adjacent room to get bus to Mumbai in the stormy night. But the bus did not arrive. Mr. Pradhan returned back to the room as he was wet due to heavy rainfall. He was shivering due to cold wind and had high fever. At night Maharaj entered his room and asked, “So, Mr. Pradhan you were moving towards Mumbai. But how can you escape from Me? You can only go when I will leave you”. Saying this Maharaj started playing with the radio which was lying in the room. Mr. Pradhan was furious and said, “Do you have any knowledge about playing a radio? Do you want to break it? Your appearance is not that of an ascetic. You are nothing but a hypocrite. If you can prove yourself as an ascetic by giving me the Nirvikalp Samadhi (i.e. stage of trance) as Mukundraj Maharaj got from his Guru, then I will be grateful throughout my life and would become your devotee”. Maharaj at once stood up and extinguished His cigarette on Mr. Pradhan’s bald head. Within a fraction of a second he was in a stage of trance. His soul was separated from his body and wandered throughout the Universe. He was back in senses the next morning. He gently bowed on Maharaj’s feet and asked for forgiveness. Maharaj hugged him and said, “ My child you are a devotee of Shree Swami Samarth of Akkalkot. And that old man (Shree Swami Samarth) of Akkalkot was after Me ordering Me to give you something. So I gave you ‘Nirvikalp Samadhi’! That old man never gives anything to anyone, but only orders Me to bless His devotees. The old man is My Guru, so I can not refuse His order. I am only a mediator”.

-------Mr.G.K.Pradhan was once traveling to Germany from Norway. Due to technical problem all the people experienced disturbance in the plane. Mr.Pradhan got scared of death and started meditating Shree Shankar Maharaj for help. Within no time Maharaj appeared on the adjacent seat and the plane landed safely without any casualty. Once Mr. Pradhan asked his doubt to Maharaj, “How did God Krishna gave the message of ‘Bhagwad Geeta’ to Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra?” Maharaj stared and kept His hand on Mr. Pradhan’s head and at once took him to the battlefield of Kurukshetra. He gave the divine experience to Mr. Pradhan to hear the message of ‘Bhagwad Geeta’ from God Krishna’s mouth. In this way, Mr. Pradhan cleared his doubt of ‘Bhagwad Geeta’. Maharaj once asked Mr. Pradhan, “What do you want?” Mr. Pradhan immediately replied, “I want Bramhadnyan’ (i.e. knowledge of self)”. On this Maharaj roared with surprise and said, “You have inserted your hand on My ‘Langoti’ (i.e. a kind of under garment)”. Maharaj immediately blessed him and offered the divine power of ‘Bramhadnyan’.

-------In the year 1946, Mr.Pradhan’s father expired. He was in England and was not able to attend the funeral. He was in grief on hearing the news. On that night he was amazed to see Maharaj sitting besides him in England . But at that time Maharaj was actually present in Pune. Mr.Pradhan hugged Maharaj and gave way to his tears. Maharaj calmed him and held his hand and took him to Girnar Mountain in India . By the grace of Maharaj, Mr. Pradhan got the divine vision of Saint Machindranath, Saint Gorakhshanath and God Dattatray and His two dogs. The next morning Mr. Pradhan’s lady maid asked, “Sir! I had cleaned and polished your shoes last night. Where had you been last night? Your shoes are dirty with mud which is not of England . This mud looks like the one found in India . How did this mud get stuck to your shoes?” Mr.Pradhan was shocked to know that the whole journey to India and back again to England had taken place in a single night. That night Mr. Pradhan life took a divine diversion. By the grace of Maharaj, Mr.Pradhan reached the utmost peak and became a great devoted individual in the path towards the knowledge of self. After that Mr. G. K. Pradhan wrote a great novel ‘Towards the Silver Crest of the Himalayas ’. The book is a great success. Later Mr. Acharya Athre made Mr.Ramchandra J. Joshi translate the novel in Marathi language, by the name ‘Saad Deti Himashikhare’. Mr.Pradhan became immortal through this novel. Maharaj filled Mr. Pradhan’s life with peace, happiness and satisfaction. In the year 1999, this novel was translated in Japanese language. This novel is now available in Kannada and Gujarati languages.

-------Sahastrabuddhe family from Dadar (Mumbai) had experienced the divine company of Maharaj. He stayed with them for seven times. While taking Samadhi Maharaj appeared in Mr.Sahastrabuddhe’s dream and ordered her to reach Dhankavdi. Her husband was in disembodied stage for two years due to his deep devotion. But during this period his attendance in office was regular and a stranger used to come and handover the salary amount to his wife. The stranger never told his name and never turned back after Mr. Sahastrabuddhe gained back his senses. Maharaj gave this greatest experience to Sahastrabuddhe family.

“Anantakoti Bramhandanayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabramha
Shree Sadguru Shankar Baba Maharaj Ki Jai”